Healing Hypnotherapy in Ashburn — Hypnotherapist Tanya Patterson

Tanya Patterson

CCHt, FIBH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Member of International Board of Hypnotherapy
International Board of Hypnotherapy Certificate — Tanya Patterson

Certificate # F10716-453

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Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection

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Did you know your subconscious mind has a power which works in mysterious ways?

And that this power is the most natural, most organic and most enjoyable way to get happy, healthy and wealthy?

Have you ever wondered if you could use this power to deliberately program yourself for success?.. for healing?.. for changing a bad habit or unwanted behavior?

The answer is: Yes, you can!

Join Tanya on the “Wonderful You” journey to your subconscious mind — your source of health, happiness, and success through healing and hypnotherapy!

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