Worry, Stress & Anxiety
Worry, Stress & Anxiety

Overcome Your Worries & Anxiety

Do you feel frustrated and stressed out?

Does worrying hold you back from succeeding?

Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and panic?

Even though a small amount of stress is beneficial for human beings, prolonged stress can lead to problems, including irritability, panic attacks, loss of sleep, weight gain, feeling overwhelmed and out of control, and low self-confidence. But most importantly, and as we all know nowadays, long-standing stress is a chief contributor to a laundry list of chronic diseases.

Tanya will help you to restore the balance and tranquility in your mind, and she will give you tools so you can maintain the balance on your own, when you need it.


Fears & Phobias
Fears & Phobias

Conquer Your Fears & Phobias

You understand that being afraid seems a bit foolish, yet… you’re losing control due to your overwhelming fear of…

 …heights, flying, spiders, snakes, seeing a doctor or dentist or even driving, aren’t you?

Or, maybe you tremble in fear at the thought of public speaking or attending a social gathering?

Or, maybe other fears in your life make you feel uneasy and hold you back?

You are not alone. It is estimated that more than 11% of the U.S. population suffers from a phobia of one type or another. You may understand that your fear is irrational but feel powerless to change how you react when faced with it.

The responses of your mind and body when in actual danger are useful. They enable you to react in a way to protect yourself. In the face of danger, the primitive part of the brain takes over and makes an instant decision of how to react, based on a memory of how you have reacted in the past to this threat.  Usually this helps you stay safe  But once a fear becomes a phobia, a rational understanding and a ‘decision’ not to be afraid are not going to help because the mind switches to autopilot and reacts in the moment by running the circuit of this conditioned fear response.

The usual method of treating a phobia is gradual — from minimal exposure to being able to actually experience the phobia-inducing event. This method is called desensitization and can take months to achieve. However, hypnosis can accomplish it in one session.

Tanya will help you to break this circuit of conditioned response which will completely change your reaction to what used to be a threat.

Self-Esteem Excellence
Self-Esteem Excellence

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Do you criticize your appearance or your abilities?

Do you have negative conversations with yourself?

Do you see your failures but not your success?

Do you feel jealous, insecure or inferior?

Do you ever say… I am ugly… I am fat… I am clumsy… It was so stupid of me… I can never do the right thing… I am never enough…?

Maybe it’s time for you to stop your inner judge, that evil voice in your head that criticizes you, doubts you and makes you feel ‘not good enough’. Believe it or not, your personal internal judge is not as harmless as you might think. It programs you negatively against your success and doesn’t allow you to move forward. Don’t you want to let it go?

If your answer to one of these questions is yes, come see Tanya. She will help you to find your wonderful long-forgotten qualities, your own unique abilities.


Tanya will help you to restore your self-respect and confidence and stop your self-sabotage once and for all.


Performance Perfection

Peak Your Performance

Frustrated with focusing on your task?

Lacking motivation?

Don’t remember what you just studied?

Terrified about a difficult exam?

Scared to fail during a stage performance or business

Worried about underperforming in sports?

Tanya will help you to eliminate negative self-talk and reduce the stress and anxiety which stand in the way of your ability to learn and perform. She will also restore your self-esteem and improve your memory for your best possible performance.


Broken Bones & General Accelerating Healing
Broken Bones & General Accelerating Healing

Accelerate Your Healing

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, “Treating only the part of the person that is sick or injured is useless. The whole person must be addressed, including mind, body, and spirit.”

The psychological state of the person that needs to be healed is very important to their healing. Some people have “roadblocks” to healing readiness. Roadblocks are limiting beliefs (known or unknown) that separate us from good health by blocking our natural healing intelligence.

One of these roadblocks is expressed through what is known as Organ Language, such as, “I need a break”, “This job is killing me”, and “That just burns me up”.  This kind of language can act as a command to our subconscious mind and slow down the healing process.

Another healing block is a belief that suffering brings you certain qualities or helps you to earn some forgiveness (guilt complex). In reality, suffering and pain lead to depression, thereby suppressing the immune system and sabotaging the healing process.

The next block is Hidden Resentment. This hidden anger causes a sympathetic response and suppresses immune system function, thereby slowing the healing time.  There are some other blocks as well. Despite these many roadblocks, the good news is that all of them can be addressed by Tanya when you decide to do your healing treatment with her.

Tanya will clear up your roadblocks and will help you to connect with the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind. She will also create your personal healing CD or recording that you can listen in your own place and time.

Pain Management
Pain Management

Manage Your Pain

Pain is a signal from our body that something is wrong, and that signal should be heeded with respect. It is important to visit a doctor and carefully investigate the cause of pain, and only then can you address pain with healing techniques, including hypnosis. Hypnotherapy comes to your rescue when pain is chronic, when everything else has been done, and when the pain doesn’t make sense anymore in spite of your efforts.

Multiple studies show that most people who suffer from pain get relief through clinical hypnotherapy. It is a natural therapy with no side-effects.

Tanya will lead you to the relief of pain and will also teach you how you can maintain it on your own. The number of sessions depends on your abilities, but it is usually from four to six  Tanya will give you several techniques, and you will choose which one you prefer. In addition, Tanya can make a special recording for you, so you can use it at home.


Surgery & Medical Procedures
Surgery & Medical Procedures

Prepare for Surgery & Procedures

Are you reluctant to undergo an MRI or CT scan because you are afraid?

Are you scared to have a biopsy?

Do you fear surgery?

Numerous studies suggest that using hypnotic preparation for surgeries and invasive diagnostic procedures tremendously benefits patients. Those who have used hypnotherapy tolerate surgery and invasive diagnostic procedures much more easily, heal faster and have a better outcome overall.

Tanya will address your unique concerns, eliminate the root of your fear, and customize your sessions to your particular needs. She will also create two personalized recordings — before the procedure and after.

Chronic Illnesses
Chronic Illnesses

Heal Your Chronic Illness


Do you suffer from an autoimmune condition?

Do you have arthritis, asthma, allergies, or fibromyalgia?

Do you have frequent headaches, migraines, or other chronic illnesses? 

Most illnesses have a psychological component. Some traumatic event, even if you don’t remember it, creates an environment ripe for illness. As mentioned earlier, it’s widely known that long-standing, chronic stress is a leading factor in many illnesses such as essential hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer and many other maladies.

During the healing process, after finding the cause of your disease, Tanya will guide you to the stored memory of the harmful event and will help you to release suppressed emotions attached to this memory. After the harmful emotions are released, she will re-direct your mind to a healthy reconnection of mind-body mechanisms in order to start and continue the self-healing process.

Balancing Hormones
Balancing Hormones

Balance Your Hormones

Are you experiencing:

— Hot flashes, PMS, adult acne, or mood swings?

​— Brain fog, memory loss, or forgetfulness?

​— Low energy levels and other health complaints not yet answered by your doctor?

​— Tiredness, feeling exhausted throughout the day, but having difficulty sleeping? 

​— Struggles with losing weight despite exercising and trying various diets?

If you answered yes, you are most likely suffering from hormonal imbalances caused by everyday lifestyle choices. When your hormones are out of balance they have a serious impact on your weight and energy level, and unchecked this can lead to serious conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease and even cancer. Often clients mistakenly believe the symptoms they are experiencing are an inevitable part of the aging process. This is not true, and with the right lifestyle choices, you can see remarkable changes in your energy levels, weight, and health.

Balanced hormones are essential for both physical and mental health. After consulting with your doctor, you can choose to address this issue with Tanya’s healing methods

Tanya can help you to improve your hormonal balance by tuning into the mind-body regulatory process, which will result in the following benefits for you:

  • increasing your energy level
  • decreasing your belly fat
  • obtaining clarity of your thoughts
  • decreasing intensity and quantity of your hot flashes
  • smoothing out your mood
  • restoring your normal sleep pattern
Going through a Loss
Going through a Loss

Recover After Loss

Do you feel preoccupied with your grief?

Do you feel empty and hopeless? 

Does everything remind you of your loss?

Do you find yourself angry and blaming yourself and others?

Grief is a natural emotional response to loss, and it’s normal and healthy to feel what you are feeling.

There are several stages of loss and grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages are parts of the of recovery process, but not steps that you must go through in a specific order. Everybody goes through grief their own way, and it takes a different amount of time for everyone to process their feelings. Eventually, you will arrive at the logical destination, which is acceptance of the loss and moving forward in life.

When it seems to be too difficult or it takes too long to release sadness, emptiness, anger, resentment, guilt or blame, hypnotherapy is here to help.

Tanya will help you release your lingering heavy feelings, which tenaciously hold you in the past, and re-direct your focus on the present and the future.

Habit Control
Habit Control

Control Your Habits

Do you find reasons to continue smoking but are still unhappy about poisoning your body with nicotine and spending money on cigarettes? Have you finally decided to become a non-smoker?

Do you have problems controlling your emotional eating?

Do you feel powerless to reduce your emotional drinking?

Do you have other habits that you want to get rid of?

Often our emotions lead us to use cigarettes, sugary products or alcohol as a remedy to feel better immediately. This is a habit that developed over time.  It is a learned behavior done to satisfy some subconscious (which means not obvious) need.

Tanya will help you to identify those needs and will find a healthier option for you to satisfy them. Therefore, the bad habit will lose its power.