F.A.Q.: Common Questions

FAQ: Common Questions

How many sessions will I need?  

The course of Mind-Body Healing may include a number of private sessions based on individual needs. Some cases will need only Medical Meditation, Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization or Therapeutic Relaxation, and some will need Hypnosis.

Most goals/issues are resolved in 4-8 sessions. A personalized audio recording (CD or MP3) can be done for you to accelerate the process of reaching your goal/resolving the issue. Every session generally lasts 70-90 minutes.

Regression sessions last for 2.5 hours. Usually, one or two regression sessions are necessary.

Children may need fewer and shorter sessions.

If we use only Medical Meditation or Therapeutic Relaxation, 3-6 sessions for 30-40 minutes each will be enough for a positive result.

Will my Insurance pay for the service?

While Timeless River does not accept insurance, some clients have been reimbursed by their insurance if they had a prescription from their doctor. Tanya can help you by writing a letter to your doctor requesting the proper referral with the doctor’s written diagnosis. You can submit this prescription, together with the statement about the service you received at Timeless River and the claim form for out-of-network provider reimbursement.