How It works

How Hypnosis and Healing works
All our beliefs, habits, patterns of behavior, and self-image are located in the part of the brain called the subconscious mind. It also holds strength and wisdom that we are not aware of.

Any positively or negatively charged emotional event that happened to us in our childhood has been recorded and stored in our subconscious mind together with the emotional reaction and the behavior of that moment. This is how we learn. And each time a similar event happens, the physical and emotional reactions that are tied to the memory repeat themselves and get reinforced to become even more solidified. If we are talking about a negative event, each reinforcing negative memory creates a deeper wound and promotes an environment that is ripe for disease. So, wouldn’t it be logical to heal that long-standing wound? But how to do it? Is it possible to heal something that happened in the past? Can we heal memory? Yes, we can! With the help of certain methods, it is possible.

During the healing process, you will be guided to the stored memory of the harmful event and the behavior which was tied to the event, but which no longer serves you.  Here you will replace it with a new solution and healthy behavior. Therefore, by healing your memory and changing your reaction from the negative one to the positive one, your body will have an opportunity to begin a self-restorative process.

Healing methods such as Medical Meditation, Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization, Therapeutic Relaxation and Clinical Hypnotherapy help reach the subconscious storage of a harmful event, remove negative emotions and reverse unproductive behavior. With the help of these methods, we are also able to reach strength and wisdom that we often don’t realize we have.

Not all conditions are tied to a negative event in the past, but rather they can be a consequence of ongoing stress. Gentle healing methods such as Medical Meditation, Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization and Therapeutic Relaxation will help you reach the healing power of your subconscious mind and turn it on!